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PROTRN - Jiří Hora

We specialize in the following: 


Internal broaching 

We offer contract broaching either on semi-finished components supplied by the customer or completely arranged by us. 

  • pulling force 6 - 15t
  • max.lenght of broach tool 2000mm.

Broaching machines:  
Horizontal LAPOINTE
Horizontal 7B55
Horizontal Brook
Vertical Elektromek - Khemka

Internal broaching - Examples of broached components  

Internal broaching - Video


 Broach tool resharpening 

  • round profile tooling up to dia 150mm, max.tool lenght 2000mm

  • flat - keyway broach tooling up to max. tool width 200mm, max.tool lenght 2000mm

Resharpening machines: 
Arthur Klink RSH 2000 - universal pull and push type broach tool sharpener 
Cincinnati 2000 MM BS - pull and push type broach tool sharpener 

Cincinnati 1500 - pull and push type broach tool sharpener 
Cincinnati 1000 - pull and push type broach tool sharpener 
Oswald Forst SM1500 - broach tool resharpener 
Cincinnati 22BS - flat - keyway tool resharpener




In cooperation with our business partner, tooling producer, company Broach Technology India PVT Ltd, we offer the following:


New pull and push type broaches for internal and external broaching 

  • Involute spline / serration broaching tools 

  • Calibration broaching tools

  • Surface broaching tools

  • Keyway broach tools, bushes and shims

  • Polygon shaped broaching tools  

  • Helical broaching tools

  • Full form broaching tools

The final profile grinding is done on 6 axe CNC machines from Germany. 
The tooling is produced from HSS and PM material produced in EU. 
Tooling heat treatment is completely under the control of Broach Technology in their own heat treatment shop.     
The tool coating is done by Oerlikon Balzers Coating India Ltd.

Protahovací trny


Spline gauges  

  • Plug gauges - Involute, serration, straight sided, parallel and tapered.
    Manufacturing range:  Dia 4 - 350mm, Module 0,3 - 12,0

  • Ring gauges - Involute, serration, straight sided, cross cut, parallel or tapered,  
    Master plug gauge for wear control
    Manufacturing range:  Dia 6 - 120mm, Module 0,3 - 4,0



  • Spline turning mandrel

  • Runout checking mandrel

  • Master taper mandrel

  • Hytersis checking mandrel, parallel and taper in all tooth forms.
    Manufacturing range:  Dia 4 - 350mm, Module 0,3 - 12,0


Broach Holders for round and flat broaches.


In case of any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.






We thank all the business partners for visiting us at AMB Messe 2018 in Stuttgart.     

At our stand with Mr.Neeraj Khemka director of Broach Technology India PVT Ltd.



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